For those of you who haven’t heard…

I worked President Bush’s motorcade

when he was in Kansas City on June 11th


We were at the end, so the pictures aren’t

as great as they could have been, but they’re pretty interesting.


- At the airport -


After getting through security, we were put in a staging area next to the airplane that transports the limousine and all the other vehicles. <picture>  As you can tell it was raining just before his arrival.


We were finally given the “Ok,” to join the others.  Pulled around TWA’s old overhaul base, got in line, and then they pulled the President’s limousine out.  <picture>  His car is in front of the black suburban.  As you can see the terminal is off in the distance on the right, and the Secret Service are all over the place.


Now here is kind of a cool picture. <picture>  This is the White House Mobile Communications van.  It is a definite throw back to the A-Team.  How many 4-wheel drive vans have you seen like this?


As the press assembled, they were put on a flat bed truck. <picture>  And just incase you were wondering how tight security was… the little black dot is a helicopter. <picture> 


The Secret Service radio that was installed in our unit started mentioning that Air force 1 was about to land.  This picture is just after touch down. <picture> Don’t let the guy in the fore ground fool you about the size.  Again, going back to that whole security thing… the black speck behind the plane is a suburban loaded with people that have automatic weapons following the aircraft. <picture> <picture>  How’s this for framing? <picture> <picture>


- On the road -


Ok, now we are leaving.  Couldn’t get any pictures of Bush getting off the plane due to security.  Notice anything weird about this picture? Well, other than we are following the communications van. <picture>  There is NOBODY on the road with the motorcade.  To give you an idea how long this was, the red light next to the blue sign is one of the suburbans behind the President. <picture>  Again the limo has already gone over the hill ahead. <picture>  If you look close, you can see the start of it under the sign. <picture> <picture>  We also had tons of people lined up on the side of the road waving flags and holding up signs. <picture> 


- Water Treatment Plant -


No Presidential visit would be complete with out making sure homeland security is up-to-date.  So, he visited Kansas City’s water treatment plant.  Again, couldn’t get any pictures of Bush due to security, and because we were remaining outside with the ambulance.  However, we did get a couple.  Mr. and Mrs. Bush are in the second limo.  All the vans on the right are press. <picture> <picture>  Then on the road again to more speaking engagements. <picture> <picture> <picture>  He also stopped at a high school, and a $500/plate dinner to campaign for Tallent.  Who is running for congressman.


- Back at the airport -


 John took these pictures as we were pulling back in.  They are a little blurry… so use your imagination.  First is the transport plane with the rear end open getting ready to be loaded. <picture>  Air force 1 awaiting the President. <picture>  The President is to the right still in his limo. <picture>  The limo is in front of the suburban. <picture>    And here we are back in our waiting spot.  The press enters and exits through the door in the back. <picture>  There is a possibility that one of the spots on the ramp could be the President.  Isn’t it a huge plane? <picture>  Getting ready to take off. <picture>


We didn’t get the chance to meet Mr. Bush due to lightning hitting the ground around the airport.  You know, it’s not a big enough deal to want the most important person in the world hurt.  So anyway… that was my big day…