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Braden's SCUBA Pictures

Here are a few of the places I've taken pictures. Not all of the pictures are good, and you will probably notice the learning curve as we became framiliar with the equipment. The camera is a Canon G5 with an Ikelite underwater housing (#6143). On the 23rd of November, 2003, I got an external strobe (Ikelight DS-125), so before that are several pictures using the internal strobe, ambient light, and silhouettes.

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May 2003

17 May 2003: This was the first weekend for this setup. We were at Oronogo, Mo.


August 2003

22 August 2003: I couldn't get out to the lake, so I took the camera to the appartment pool. :-)


September 2003

21 September 2003: Finally back out at the lake!

28 September 2003: Sweet! Two weeks in a row!


October 2003

11 October 2003: Finally back out at the lake!

12 October 2003: Finally back out at the lake!


November 2003

2_November 2003: Finally back out at the lake!

22_November 2003: Finally back out at the lake!


January 2004

2 Januray 2004: Table Rock Lake, Missouri. We were needing some water and our "usual" spot was closed for the winter. The dam was the first stop on a two-lake trip.

3 Januray 2004: Beaver Lake, Arkansas. We tried going to the SCUBA approved site, and it was closed as well, so we just dove close where the road meets the dam.


February 2004

14_February 2004: Ice Diving!! We went out to Clinton Lake just west of Lawrence, Kansas. It wasn't deep, but it was under ice. :-) There were some people walking around the lake, and they thought we were nuts. Ha!

14_February 2004: Some student pictures. We left the ice covered lake and went straight to the pool for Steven to teach a Discover Scuba class with his Mom and another person. I had fun at the other end of the pool with the zoom lens.


March 2004

21 March 2004: Diving in Key Largo, Florida.

22 March 2004: Diving in Key Largo, Florida.

24 March 2004: Diving in Key Largo, Florida.


November 2004

21 November 2004: Tec diving in Oronogo.


January 2005

01 January 2005: New year's day at Oronogo.


February 2008

10 February 2008: This was a fun pool day. There are are some Dive Masters in training, and some good SCOOBY time in the pool. The picture quality isn't great because I haven't had the camera out in a while.....

22 February 2008: Bon Terre Mine! This was my first time here. It's an interresting place, and could be fun if you spend more than one weeked in 6 months diving this site. Otherwise, you are part of a cattle crowd slowly proving you can dive in a group. The facilities are nice, and the staff is very courtious. Overall a great place for begining divers.


March 2008

16 March 2008: Another fun pool day. A parent of the dive group was taking pictures, and I photoshopped some of the images a little to fix the light balance. The kids seemed to have a blast.


June 2008

22 June 2008: Another fun pool day. A couple of guys borrowed the camera while they played in the pool.


August 2008

17 August 2008: This was the end of a confined water class. Once we completed all the skills, we had fun with toys and taking pictures. The lighting isn't that great because the hot food on the camera wasn't plugged in correctly.... my bad.


October 2008

12 October 2008: Just another day at Oronogo playing around. This time there's photo evidence that I occasionally dive doubles. The visibility has really gone down hill recently.


November 2008

5 November 2008: The final day of pool classes for WSU fall semester. The students had the opportunity to use gear they had not used during class... including the camera. The external strobe was not used, so there is a lot of back scatter.

16 November 2008: This was a second day of an Open Water check out weekend. The first day was misreably cold, overcast, and windy. I asked a father of one of the students to go around and take pictures of us practicing compas skills on land and getting ready to go diving. Everyone enjoyed this day much better!

30 November 2008: Broke out the camera for the OW students again. They had fun using it, and I got some practice in todoay too.


March 2009

8 March 2009: Got the camera out for the OW students again. This time we were at the Derby Rec Center. We used a recently replaced TTL sensor.

11 March 2009: Last day of pool for the WSU spring semester. The students had fun once again. This tme we used the external strobe. ;-)


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