******* WARNING AND NOTICE *******

The dive schedules on this site could indirectly kill you, and probably has errors. The author does not warrant that it accurately reflects A.A. Buhlmann's algorithms, that it won't get you bent or dead, or that it will produce safe, reliable, results. This dive schedule is experimental, and you use it at your own risk. Diving in general is fraught with risk, and decompression diving adds significantly more risk. Deep diving utilizing multiple gasses, including Helium, is about as risky as it gets, especially if you choose to utilize a closed-circuit rebreather.

These schedules are not intended for uneducated users. The tables and decompression schedules here are tools for experienced mixed-gas decompression divers ONLY. If you have not been properly trained in mixed-gas decompression diving by an internationally recognized technical certification agency and/or don't have a firm handle on decompression
planning and mixed-gas diving, DO NOT USE THESE DIVE SCHEDULES.